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The Song

Notes sung in harmony –blending so perfectly —-almost too beautiful ——to be understood Words sung with feeling –touching so deeply —-almost too tenderly —–to be believed Rhythms sung in union –wrapping so gently —almost too melodically —–to be explained Songs sung with love –ending so quickly —-almost too painfully ——to be survived Music sung in […]


Falling Softly as dew upon first blade of spring’s bounty Unannounced it comes as damp caress in passing It changes all things to glistening life just briefly lasting Falling Violently as hurricane upon once sun kissed shore Unwanted it comes as drenching slap in hatred’s heat It hurts without intent yet still its harm sudden […]

Approaching Autumn

What breeze blown by mysterious force Swirling round my flesh in artful touch Feeling so softly, moving everything Playfully What breeze swirling by another’s choice Caresses my cheek as potters hand to clay Molding so gently my hair to my skin Seductively What breeze caresses as gently it comes Feeling it’s way over my shoulders, […]

Spirit Walk

I walked outside myself last night, to a place I’d never been I saw the world around own, which I’d never seen I feared that which lie ahead, but still walked in this place I fought the urge to turn and run, then all memory erase.   And then as though without my will, my […]


-If I should write an endless verse of love, romance, and bliss I would write of you my love my soul has felt your kiss. -Endless is my love for you eternal burns it’s flame should I live forever dear my heart would feel the same. -Endless is the way your smile fills my life […]

Mother’s Love

A mother’s love is endless —reaching to the depths of her soul —it touches a place known only to her children A mother’s love is boundless —it does not stop as her children test —but stretches to encompass new borders A mother’s love is timeless —dwelling within her children every moment —no matter their age […]

Crystal Tears

-Wishes are the crystal tears So often shed by fools Falling hopeless and untouched Into shattered pools -Dreams are but an onyx scream Let out in blackest night Drifting silent, never heard Into deaths failing light -Hopes are the spirit whispers Spoken in one’s own mind Soaring useless, never held Seeking, not to find -Lovers […]