Love regardless of the season


The man I have always loved… For longer than I have known life without him…I have known life with him. Is it perfect in every season? Nothing is perfect, and so it is with love. Yes, love is something which requires effort coupled with the sincere desire to build something that is often weakened by the tests of time into something new, something even stronger than it had been when it was first begun. Ours has become a love that outlasts the darkness and cold of an occasional winter.  It has become real, more true and better able to bloom as a flower’s first bloom, filled with health and strength once the spring comes again.  He is my forever – and hopefully he knows this by now.  Friends will come and go, but they are always friends.  He is my only, my ever after.  We have known countless struggles,  haven’t we all?  But they only serve to teach us to deeply appreciate and look for the beautiful amazing times we have found along the way.  Those special joy filled times always outweigh the moments when in our brokenness we may forget that in spite of everything, we really are in love.  So, I say with an open heart, I love you Christopher, until my last breath and even then, longer.


4 comments on “Love regardless of the season

  1. Perfect. And live the name of the blog. It’s really that people listen too slowly

  2. Beautiful!! Looking forward to reading more!!

  3. Such a sweet post. Thanks for sharing.

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