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The more I learn about people, the more I appreciate my dog.


Please meet Chase, our Golden Retriever mix.  She’s a wonderful person.  Yes, Yes, I hear you… “That is a dog”.  But you’re wrong.  This dog has taught my children and my family about humanity.  About unconditional love, about having a big wet kiss for others even when they aren’t very loveable at that moment, about sharing, putting another first, and so many other wonderful things.  She feels our pain and tries to make it better, and she is beyond happy to see us no matter how crappy a mood we’ve come in wearing.  She was a disputed item for us, some of us wanted pets (farm girl at heart…) and some didn’t.  But in the end we all learned things:

1) A house is not a home unless there is a little dog hair in your food.

2)  The most awesome homes… need a few scratches and dents to be real… and for that, you need a dog.

3)  Never ever trust someone who doesn’t like a friendly waggly tailed dog – but more importantly, never trust someone your dog doesn’t like.

4)  A dog is not a possession – an animal – an object to possess… no… it is a gift from God, an opportunity to be loved with so much loyalty and abandon it cannot be duplicated nor does it know an end in that dog’s lifetime.

5) In order to be a human, you have to have empathy – be able to hold something up as more important than self – to care for something which cannot care for itself.  For a child, and for some humans, only a pet (specifically a dog in our case) can teach this while returning pure love and appreciation for your effort.

6) You have not known unbridled joy, until you have asked your dog, “Wanna go for a walk?” or “Want a treat?” or even better “Wanna go for a ride in the car?” because only a dog would become so excited about such small things that they talk to you or pee on your foot (sometimes both).

A dog is not an animal to be looked at as less important than the other humans you know, because I guarantee you, they love you more loyally and more deeply than most humans are capable of doing – and they always will.  Dogs make the most amazing people.


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