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Desolate Road


The road ahead lies as though warning one away – barren and foreboding

Littered with the remains of those foolish enough to attempt the journey

Trees devoid of life appear as skeletons strewn about by rage and loathing

Their shadows casting darkest pall over the path which must be traveled

Walking as one compelled by force unseen – each step a labor unwanted

The earth heaves up under foot then drops away suddenly as I trip and fall

Jagged rocks jutting out to thwart me yet stubbornly I walk on, undaunted

Focusing on the darkness ahead feeling certain it foretells what awaits me

The ashes of battles hard fought in defense of the just – lie thick on the ground

Obscuring from view the warnings carefully left by those who’ve gone before

The ashes rise in defiance, clouding my vision before the answer may be found

Forcing me to doubt and mistrust everything I believe although against my will

Forward this tedious journey continues – in spite of prayer and my own fear

Each blistering step reinforcing the necessity of this journey stubbornly begun

The tempest swirls about me, working to stop me from seeing the end appear

Resolved I will succeed in spite of it for the outcome will outweigh the struggle

Karen Quinn 2012/13


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