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Spirit Walk

I walked outside myself last night, to a place I’d never been

I saw the world around own, which I’d never seen

I feared that which lie ahead, but still walked in this place

I fought the urge to turn and run, then all memory erase.


And then as though without my will, my spirit moved ahead

It wandered on into this place, to face the truth instead

I saw the colors of our souls, which strip away our masks

There is no changing the color, or the hue our spirit takes.


Not only were there colors bright, which happy souls do own

But shadows steeped in swirling grey, to whom sorrow is prone

The red was happy full of life, and ink black spoke evil true

The yellow innocent and pure, and blue for sadness through.


A child darting past did gleam, a streak of yellow light

A spirit pure and innocent, of light both sweet and bright

There was a warmth in places as I pass, of which I felt a part

And too a blowing coldness came, which wrapped about my heart.


I tried to speak, to find my voice but never did words come

For this was but a dream to me, though reality for some.

When I awoke I knew one thing, best live life both glad and true

For that is all your spirit keeps, when it dwells out side of you.

Karen Quinn 1995


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