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The Harvest Ended

Field untended stretching far and wide Weed and brier thorn choking once rich soil Once red barn becomes destruction’s bride Long gone the caring hands which used to toil.   Shining metal tools unused lie bent and rusted Machines to plant and harvest now half buried lie Once full silo now bent as old man […]

Oh, But to Just be….

Oh but to just be pleasing! Shouts single grey cloud in sky of blue Oh for people to call up unto me, “You are but loveliness smokey and true.” Yet it cannot be, I am but what they choose to see. Oh, but to just be proper!  Shouts drop of crimson wine on cloth of […]


Photo Credit: “Photos to Pin” SEDONA: A silence of thrilling magnitude surrounds it Rich with wondrous beauty, depth God lives here, He has crafted every stone.   Gazing in awe at panoramas breathtaking beauty Amazing valley of desolate space, and yet Surrounded by crimson ridges of jagged sculpture.   Art embodied a wash of color, […]

Words as Weather

Words, like weather, have such power building up or tearing down at will as rain can grow or break the flower criticism empties what praise can fill. Words, like weather, can lift or lay low building up or tearing down with ease as frost destroys bulbs begun to grow cold words can shatter urge to […]

Silo’s Sorrow

Watchful giant under cloud standing proud, waiting patiently now alone in field overgrown, wanting to be useful again and wondering when, as wild brier roses thorn scrape paint now torn. Leaning slightly where it once stood so mighty, as though expecting guest trying to look its best, wistfully over deserted field gazing at view amazing, […]


Shadows moving slowly, silently, close enough to speak Never seeing, by choice, another so near by Not a gesture or nod of recognition as a glance we sneak Careful not to be noticed for fear our eyes will lie   Shadows shifting, changing from moment to moment Never what we once saw, becoming unfamiliar quickly […]


An ending before my very eyes We stood exchanging news and pleasantries An odd emptiness revealed her guise As though we would chat again whenever we please An ending of tremendous shock As I search her face for my longtime friend Whom for eighteen years on the clock I’d supported and cared for without end […]