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Grey Stone History

It pulls the eye, that rigid pile of unremembered stones

Forcing the glance in spite of one self, without intent

Non-descript and unadorned, uniformity all it owns

Yet in that plainness there is such an odd beauty lent

Once the eye has been caught, the mind alert is now drawn

What need built this monument to protection unneeded

Canon determined stands but to guard but tree and lawn

Ancient white gravestones too, of those who preceded

Still nothing is protected, only memory does it possess

Nothing kept within or without, rather it marks space

But in that suggestion of a wall our psyche does regress

As though sheep, we stop unable to enter sacred place

Beyond the walls protection, a field that bore the fight

Reminder of a darker time, as centuries spin past

Like a beacon of consistency, as if a lantern in night

History not forgotten, nor casualties amassed

Eyes focused now on the past, seeing as though in dreams

A field of death and injury, deep in bloody sorrow

Sons lost, lovers departing, and early freedom gleams

Sculpture cast in yesteryear that lives on into tomorrow

The souls of bygone years, whose hands laid stone on stone

Sounding gunshots, and screams of men locked in bravest fight

The stones guard not grass or trees, but memories they own

Holding frozen time as the mortar, memories in fading light.

Karen Quinn 2013

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