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Another’s Verse


Perusing their most private thoughts from within

…..an offhand glance at their sorrow, joy, love, and  hate

…..we are voyeurs, openly peering in free of any sin

Intently staring so unconcerned at another’s soul

…..gladly judging their right to feel, believe, think as they do

…..viewing another’s life, whether in or out of their control

Casually skimming, uncommitted their heartfelt prose

…..sloughing off what we deem ill, failure, unworthy of our time

…..fearful or realizing perhaps in their words our own pain shows

Suddenly replacing unashamed their book upon its perch

…..too close to home, passe, immature perhaps for us

…..instead of feeling their pain or joy choosing to leave it in the lurch

Karen Quinn 2013


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