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Unbroken grip


How tightly held in grip unbroken –

In grip of steel intent on possession

Refusing to yield as though obsession.

As though drowning man to braided rope

Terrified to release lest one lose all hope.

With intensity of one seeking in the night

Praying that which was lost be brought to sight

Like parent whose child is just about grown

Expecting to stop time before freedom they own

Wantonly as lover fights for whom they adore

Trying in vain to hold a waning love once more

Desperately as one whom from precipice has slipped

Knowing to let go means an ending to all they once gripped.

Gripping so tightly the spirit grows weary and forlorn

Not knowing how to release the worry such holding has borne

Release it! Let go of that grip that you fear breaking

For only then what was held returns, fully yours for the taking.

Karen Quinn 2013


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