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There is a strangeness without him


There is a strange lack of light today—

–it is sunny and bright

–yet it lacks the light

–love has taken its flight

–his spirit so pure and right

There is a strange lack of peace as well —

–a quiet stillness suddenly fell

–ending the safety within the shell

–and in his absence we now dwell

–such vast sorrow our hearts tell

There is a strange lack of joyful song–

–the kind that singing brings along

–even the sweetest voice seems wrong

–still the tears of loss are strong

–gone a friendship to which we belonged

There is a strange sense of loss and pain–

–as his face becomes etched in my brain

–now still and breathless does it remain

–reflecting on all he helped my spirit gain

–such a total faith impossible to feign

There is a strange empty place now inside–

–where his loving friendship did abide

–there are no others in whom to confide

–all of the things my soul once had to hide

–and never can I replace this spirit guide

Karen Quinn – August 4, 2002  In loving memory of Fr. John Davids –

a wonderful priest and special friend filled with light – penned during his funeral Mass


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