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A Choice

A choice to create, or not, a life.

Once chosen, there is a beginning

birth, beauty, joy and promise.

A choice to raise, or not, a child.

Sheltered in love there is commitment

help, guidance, hope and trust.

A choice to continue, or not, to try.

Not keeping vow to love, there is loss

anger, misdeed, cruelty and division.

A choice to seek, or not, another

And once found, there is damage

lost, forsaken, abandon and alone.

A choice to consider, or not, that child

Once put aside, there is emptiness

sorrow, brokenness, reflected in her eyes.

A choice to accept, or not, responsibility

For what has been wrought, there is denial

blame, isolation, denying what was created

A choice, poorly made, forgotten

By those ill-prepared, there is resignation

permanence, realizing, the choices are at fault.

Karen Quinn 2001


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