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September 11, 2001

World Trade Center Rubble

A vast endless crumbling

heaping rubble standing precariously

threatening to topple and crush the world.


Smoking, burning unquenched

the fingers of jagged hatred reaching

knifing askew crafted as though by hell itself.


Acrid, putrid stench arising

young and old buried alive now silent dead

cold blooded evil shown in burning flesh.


Day becomes darkness pure

steeping a vast glittering concrete jungle

in an inky emptiness of soot, shock, despair.


Clinging for existence to a thread

spun of gossamer hope unfounded

that lives may spring from such hellish scene.


None emerge from the horror unscathed

and most lie dead fused to dust and rubble

entombed forever in the vile stench of terror.


Gone forever, the towers and foolish innocence.

Karen Quinn 9/11/2001


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