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Busy – a comment and a poem – worth reading


It may seem silly but the word busy has become a dirty word around here! People say it way too often, probably because they are a tad overwhelmed with every day life. The thing is that Busy also becomes an excuse. It keeps us from one another. It keeps us running when perhaps sitting is a thing we need to do more. It keeps us explaining why we couldn’t instead of deciding that we could, and making things happen. I am getting to that point where the word “busy” actually makes me cringe a bit. 

I pasted a poem below about “Busy” and how it changes the relationships. It reduces the feeling of connectedness and the sense of belonging which really ought to be the central point of our lives. Busy is a word that does seem to be leaving a muddy footprint in our lives.  Busy is working hard to builds a path away from one another, and erect a wall of disconnectedness between us as people.  We are social beings, we need each other’s company, so why can’t we make time for those we love?


Next time someone says “We ought to get together soon, it’s just been ‘sooo busy’ for me lately” smile, and know there is an epidemic in the world for which we have no vaccine. And know too, it probably will never happen – because it would have taken less time to just find a date to get together, than it did to explain why they are too busy.


Karen Quinn 2013



Ravenous needful things filling time.

Things we must do whether boring or sublime.


Demanding stressful meetings must be kept.

Appointments unending to which our time is swept.


Irritating necessary journeys we’re always making.

Hours in traffic alone the company of friends forsaking.


Useless stupid obligations to society we owe.

Payment made in the loss of strong bonds we used to sew.


Excuses made to protect what’s left of our peace.

Simply wanting downtime so our stress we might release.


So, busy is now the acronym for lacking time to care.

Losing in the process the ones with whom we used to share.


Karen Quinn 2013


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