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Novel yet unfinished

moresteps (2)

As an epic novel  filled with chapters penned in ink

some strong and stirring, some weak and weeping

begging the reader to turn the page and to think

engrossed, lost in waves of pain and joy, heart leaping

going back at times to re-read tales  from the brink

desperate to see how it ends so much there is no sleeping.


An epic novel of words scrawled on once empty page

written in the tears and laughing shed in living life

mistakes made begging change or wisdom as of sage

sharing gains and losses, recounting happiness and strife

wanting some chapters to never end, to last another age

for the closing of certain doors cuts like jagged knife.


An epic novel of chapters written and others yet to write

recording the footsteps of destiny as it interacts with fate

blank pages yet unwritten bring glaring  fears to light

but offer hope that what may come will be worth the wait

praying that the author though he guides me as he might

will some bring peace to this ending as the sadness won’t abate.

Karen Quinn 2013

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