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Dwell There

Think of what is lovely – and dwell there.

—A child’s unchecked giggle echoing joy

—A song of love and care sung sweetly

—A warm embrace ‘tween girl and boy

—A love that fills ones heart completely

Think of what is good – and dwell there.

—A gift freely given without want of return

—A smile offered by stranger in passing

—A bit of praise given that one did earn

—A moment shared now in memory lasting

Think of what is pure – and dwell there.

—A new born baby with pure innocent eyes

—A fresh dew scented breeze born of spring

—A prayer offered sincerely free of any guise

—A beautiful melody which begs one to sing

Think of what endures – and dwell there.

—A promise kept against all odds that remains

—A friendship over years nurtured and unbroken

—A sense of trust in self one eventually gains

—God’s answer to prayer in hopeful ear spoken

Dwell there – and with all else – simply let go…

Karen Quinn 2013


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