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Shadows moving slowly, silently, close enough to speak

Never seeing, by choice, another so near by

Not a gesture or nod of recognition as a glance we sneak

Careful not to be noticed for fear our eyes will lie


Shadows shifting, changing from moment to moment

Never what we once saw, becoming unfamiliar quickly

Not recalling all the words of friendship once spent

And somehow the effort lies as fog about my shoulders thickly


Shadows, growing, shrinking, getting smaller in the light

Never holding fast to the promises once easily given

Not caring how the darkness now covers what once was delight

All the while radiating coldness that brings loss to the living


Shadows, inky black, harsh, covering all that I can see

Never clearing long enough to reveal hidden sun

Not understanding why such clouds must hang over me

Yet proof for my own knowing I’m worth nothing to anyone


I am but a shadow….

……quickly growing small….

……….. disappearing with the light, erased.

Karen Quinn 2002 rev 2013


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