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Photo Credit: “Photos to Pin”


A silence of thrilling magnitude surrounds it

Rich with wondrous beauty, depth

God lives here, He has crafted every stone.


Gazing in awe at panoramas breathtaking beauty

Amazing valley of desolate space, and yet

Surrounded by crimson ridges of jagged sculpture.


Art embodied a wash of color, angles, movement

Yet the air still as sleep in blanket of azure

There is a scent of dust thick as rock and time.


Rising up toward heaven, sheer cliffs and towers

Like an undersea landscape transposed to land

Standing frozen and transfixed in nature’s shrine


God’s pallet painted this canvas pure upon flawed earth

In its presence we seem but a speck of dust on statue

Sedona, gift of peace displayed in shadow and mountain.

Karen Quinn 1999 – rev. 2013


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