Such is love…


Burst of perfume and brightness sudden as summer lightning.

Shower of warmth on swirl of wind caressing yet almost  frightening.

All at once intense and caring assaulting the senses; such is love.


Soaring hawk upon current of heated air gloriously upward rising.

Gently falling snow on silent landscape at sunset beautifully surprising.

Thrilling yet confusing filling the mind with questions; such is love.


Crashing wave of ocean at high tide bubbling and ever swelling.

Hoof fall of wild horse in stride upon desert sand so compelling.

As the beating of hearts so deeply entwined together; such is love.


Blazing hot flame scorches all but the one it brings gentle warming.

Prayer offered silently whispered upwards of faith newly forming.

Lifting joyfully and blindly toward forever two souls; such is love.

Karen Quinn 2013


2 comments on “Such is love…

  1. your clean lines and controlled cadences, combined with a flair for the succinct visual image, make every line of this poem a joy to read. tony

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