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So Frustrating

So Righteous

…..spelling out your gospel

…..sharing your personal truth

…..sure only your beliefs are correct.

So Absolute

…..unwavering in your opinion

…..unwilling to consider another

…..unforgiving in your stubborn pride.

So Complete

…..the final word yours as you exit

…..the decision made without consent

…..the final comment cutting so deeply.

So Inflexible

…..refusing to see from another’s eyes

…..refusing to realize the way you wound

…..refusing to repair the broken pieces left.

So Sure

…..measuring my every fault or failing

…..measuring wins based on right or wrong

…..measuring me unworthy of your respect.

So Frustrating

…..is the effort to tiptoe toward closeness

…..is the effort to quietly share your burden

…..is the effort to whisper my care over shouting.

Karen Quinn 2010 rev. 2013


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