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The Complementary Insult

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Capable –

an epithet spoken kindly, yet a guise that cuts and wounds

as though ability to achieve the goal at hand is offensive to you

Capable –

an insult offered as complement in self preservation spoken

as though successes quietly displayed somehow diminish your own

Rapid –

an affront hurled through teasing yet intended to bring silence

as though grasping concept and speaking more quickly intimidates you

Rapid –

an irritation expressed as descriptor in need for self defense

as thought another’s ability to think with speed causes you pain

Random –

an honest statement yet spoken in self righteous judgement

as though your pointing it out could cause ones nature to change

Random –

an upsetting evaluation made disguised as helpful observation

as though to explain why other’s choose not to love and understand

Unacceptable –

an indelible label ascribed, your idea of truth spoken with finality

as though your dim view of another’s being should cloud their own

Unacceptable –

an unchangeable decision made to ease the guilt of  turning away

as though another’s worth and acceptability are yours to determine.

Karen Quinn 2010 Rev. 2013



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