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Loathsome evil creatures; mornings…

stirring one from the peace and quiet of their dreaming

forcing into the eyes and minds the stark truth of reality

unwanted as you are oh thief of silence, again you return.

Bothersome, irritating, distraction; mornings

gleefully robbing the mind of its happy wanderings

filling it instead with to do’s and must remembers

yes worrisome a thing you are this waking, yet you persist.

Clumsy, amusing, hurried muses; mornings

half awake fingers dropping and spilling, feet missing steps

miraculous to me it is that one survives the effort, of dressing

so quarrelsome you render the brain, yet you stumble in again.

Contradictory; annoying and relieving all at once; mornings

much as inky darkness of long winter is disliked, so too are you

and in same moment, you bring gratitude, you continue our lives

alas, far better that you come each day than not, so let the day begin.

Karen Quinn 2013

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