The Breeze of Time


-Hear the breeze which blows past

…..bearing upon it’s wings the murmur of time

…..carrying away the secrets held long and fast.

-Feel the ripple against the skin

…..each touch reminds of those who have gone before

…..flashing scenes of so many places we’ve been.

-See the glowing flame’s peaceful light

…..the joys and sorrows which have colored our lives

…..brightening or darkening dreams that take flight.

-Smell the scent of morning’s dew kissed air

…..sweetening the once bitter sins of the day

…..leaving in their place freedom from all despair.

-Taste the subtle saltiness of the joyful tear

…..rolling down the cheek with a swelling smile

…..realizing each day brings a fresh start to hold dear.

Karen Quinn 2013


2 comments on “The Breeze of Time

  1. your clean lines and controlled cadences, combined with a flair for the succinct visual image, make every line of this poem a joy to read. tony

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