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At The Wake


Rumble of polite conversation fills the hall

Whispered memories and quiet reflection

Between friends and strangers come to call

There are even laughs at a shared recollection

Strangers now familiar in loss saddened by it all

Waiting to honor this lost life missing her affection

One person ties them together in their grief

As though knots in tapestries weave now binding

She was much like a tree all of us but branch and leaf

In her care and love each one true friendship finding

Sadness in spite of the fact that death gave her relief

She changed us all for the good in loss we find reminding

Is she here quietly watching now smiling from above

Saying goodbye to those who shared friendships bond

Joyful at the sight of hundreds who have come out of love

Seeing how huge the effect of her own ripple in life’s pond

Or on fresh wings spun of silver light has she flown as dove

To her room in heavens mansion in that great golden beyond

As we stand amid photographs and memories abounding

Gazing down at the stillness of her form in its final resting

Peace and love to her and her family our prayers resounding

Freedom from the struggle of hard-fought battle too requesting

Feeling sure her faith ensures her  God’s light always surrounding

But the fact that she’s gone far too soon our hearts are now protesting.

Rest in peace Gina – never will you be forgotten.

Karen Quinn August 2013


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