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dragonfly WC

Envious the bee as it gazes upon the dragonfly

…..grace and balance embodied yet not in amazement

……….but in hatred does the bee gaze

Envious the buzzard as it watches eagle soar past

…..pride and strength embodied its freedom aloft

……….but jealousy fills buzzards mind

Envious the house cat watching leopard hunt

…..stealth and skill embodied controlling every muscle

……….but wanting, not awe in cat’s eyes

Envious the hippo as the giraffe reaches fruit

…..tall and willowy he is lack of limitation embodied

……….but anger fills the hippo at such skill

Envious is the person watching as another succeeds

…..excelling and achieving goals, talent embodied

……….but anger, jealousy, wanting, hate, a persons response.

Karen Quinn 2010 rev. 2013

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