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Keep Them


Words whispered in careless disregard

…..aloft as so much dust, clinging to all it might touch

They float laying low as cloudy grey fog

…..regarded as truth, these lies to which we clutch


Words written so easily jotted down

…..filling up space on unlined page spread before

They weigh upon whiteness deluding thought

…..fooling me into belief that a friendship may endure


Words offered up quite thoughtlessly

…..covering my mind in warm velvet blanket of hope

They seemed warmth and safety sublime

…..deceivingly hiding the coldness with which i now cope


Words, just keep them, they are nothing now

…..flurries of April snow floating down never to lay

They shined and glistened in warming sun

…..melting swiftly to salty puddle of tears fallen away.


Karen Quinn 2004 rev 2013.

Dedicated to some friends and the truth they taught so well


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