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Resigned and Grateful

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You can lean against it, pushing and shoving, willing it to change

Shouting and demanding that it be as you insist it ought,

Arguing or disagreeing in hopes that your way will win out

Accusing and judging but to what end, only injury wrought.


You can rail against it, pulling free and running, willing it to change

Pleading and urging a change of heart toward your desired view,

Wishing and wanting for what you hoped would come to pass

Sulking and brooding but to what end, it moves farther from you.


You can block its way, halting progress stubbornly, willing it to change

Praying and meditating with intensity that divinity guide their heart

Kneeling and bowing offering submission in hope of some peace

Silently imploring but to what end, no understanding will it impart.


Resignation, there comes a point of resignation, not change but surrender

Weary from the effort of both battle and war the white flag waves

Peace comes in knowing it was your decision to remain yet not to fight

Resigned to what you cannot change,  grateful for the pain resignation saves.

Karen Quinn 2013



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