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The Growing

Foulkes Barn wc

Planted side by side by happenstance

not a vast great plan, rather naught more than coincidence

the seeds were scattered and blown by wind and ours grew roots not wings.


Planted side by side growing begun

fed by struggle and laughter, watered by occasional salty tear

fragile shoots stretching toward heaven side by side yet never entwined.


Planted side by side climbing upwards

climbing the solid surface, digging in and taking hold

thick vines overlapping and crossing paths though never joining.


Planted side by side spreading wildly

covering everything within their grasp, taking possession

hiding what once was and together creating something quite new.


Planted side by side growing dormant

seasons wax and wane slowing growth, but continuing on

the vines work well together and although they struggle they were meant to be.


Karen Quinn 2013


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