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Reading what is not written as though printed text on page, yet invisible she nudges his arm ever so gently without sound, knowing he understands. Hearing what is not spoken as though shouted out loud, yet silent he winks catching her glance ever so briefly, she casts a wink of agreement. Touching what is not […]

Losing Track

Losing track – floating tirelessly through caught as a tempest of wind spirals flying long away from where once begun. Losing track – lifting unexpectedly upwards held firm in forces beyond controlling twisted wildly around nearly comes undone. Losing track – soaring dangerously free trapped suddenly by forces unseen crumbling as buffeted against every obsticle. […]


A chess game and I am naught but rook …..without an evasive move to take Many other games over which to look …..yet no prevailing move to make A chess game played over so many years …..never having ended holding check Many pieces captured given through tears …..many battles waged leaving me weak A chess […]

Blue the Lily

Brilliant flash of color brightly dancing across once white canvas bringing the eye and the heart bubbling joy, blues swirl as sky and sea awakening the spirit. Deepest darkness of shading devoid of light it steeps the brightness in night delighting the eye and soul with serious thought, blue soaked in black and purple quieting […]

Awash in Autumn

Awash in grey the murky dawn moves in, as though widow who weaps for lost loves her mood dusted in darkness heavy and hard. Awash in grey the afternoon sun arches up, as though bulb drawn and dim over weary time his radiance silenced and squelched wistful and worn. Awash in grey the evening falls […]


portrait painted with pigments permanent pencil lines placed precisely hardly perceptible under paint proof of persons once powerful presence posed and poignant pity how pigment fades, powder upon parchment, passing away. sketch scratched with shaky uneven stroke slicing slashes of charcoal scrawled on sullen surface showing strength and serenity through struggle and strife sad how […]

Faith Is

Faith is a funny thing…it is belief in the unseen —–it is trust in one whom ear are not knowing —–it is giving over trust to another hope sewing Faith is a scary thing…it is saying “yes, I will trust” —–it is listening to voices that whisper in the night —–it is hoping when we […]