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Deepest Forest


Lost in deepest forest

…..wandering without direction

…..not knowing which turn to take

…..each path threatening deception

Lost in deepest forest

…..light obscured by wooded veil

…..the path darkens as evening falls

…..shrouding any truth beyond the pall

Lost in deepest forest

…..hearing each sound with concern

…..they are not what they seemed to be

…..secrets heard proof of lies discerned

Lost in deepest forest

…..seeing motion in shadows haunting

…..action that discloses what lied within

…..shocking proof of motive hidden now flaunting

Lost in deepest forest

…..and preferring lost in wood to remain

…..silent trees and leaves devoid of selfish lie

…..while in the world honesty is but to feign

Karen Quinn 2013

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