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Faith Is


Faith is a funny thing…it is belief in the unseen

—–it is trust in one whom ear are not knowing

—–it is giving over trust to another hope sewing

Faith is a scary thing…it is saying “yes, I will trust”

—–it is listening to voices that whisper in the night

—–it is hoping when we die we’ll be lifted to the light

Faith is a loud thing…it is the steady beat of His heart

—–it is wrapped around your own growing stronger

—–it is what heals broken hearts helping them love longer

Faith is a lonely thing…it is a solitary quest seeking to find

—–it is prayer said by one among many lifting to God above

—–it is believing your voice can fly to heaven as the dove

Faith is a mysterious thing…it is not answered in our time

—–it is hard to recognize the answers when they come

—–it is easier to ignore the proof as is the case for some

Faith is a failing thing…for as we try and struggle true to be

—–it is tested and twisted by others distorting ones belief

—–it is a cycle of failing and trying again seeking His relief.

Faith is – hard.

Karen Quinn 2003 rev 2013


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