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portrait painted with pigments permanent

pencil lines placed precisely hardly perceptible under paint

proof of persons once powerful presence posed and poignant

pity how pigment fades, powder upon parchment, passing away.

sketch scratched with shaky uneven stroke

slicing slashes of charcoal scrawled on sullen surface

showing strength and serenity through struggle and strife

sad how suddenly things spin, stealing swiftly ones sense of self.

Photograph framed in finest wood fascinates

feeling frustration and fear her face’s fallen features

fumbling to find herself without familiar and firm foundation

funny how flowering bloom of friends and family fades to fodder.

drawings are but dust and dreams on paper defined

drops of destiny on drafting table delineating ones direction

dust so easily disturbed by drops of rain and tears down-pouring

disappointing, dismal day to discover we are doomed to eventually disappear.

Karen Quinn 2013


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