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Awash in Autumn


Awash in grey the murky dawn moves in,

as though widow who weaps for lost loves

her mood dusted in darkness heavy and hard.

Awash in grey the afternoon sun arches up,

as though bulb drawn and dim over weary time

his radiance silenced and squelched wistful and worn.

Awash in grey the evening falls expressing sorrow,

as over-wet watercolor washing the pigment away

its usually brilliant pallet of paint now shaded and sallow.

Awash in grey comes the mournful midnight hour,

as though covering of cement weighting down the earth

the welcome respite from lengthy labor now produces no peace.

Awash in grey inspired and imposed by the scenery,

as though a thief of thoughts it carries away contentment

replacing hope and happiness with uselessness and uncertainty.

Awash in grey – longing for clouds to clear as autumn returns.

Karen Quinn 2013


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