My First Book Is Now Published

Let me offer my thanks to all of my followers on this blog, and to wordpress for offering an outlet and proving ground for writers and poets to express and to learn what resonates with others. As of today my first book of poetry and photography “Gleaming Beneath the Rust and Weeds” is available for […]

Marriage – A Cinquain Poem for My Spouse

Marriage Lovely Struggle Giving, Trusting, Sharing Self Sacrificed for Another Complete


Rolling in like an ocean wave ~ thick, gray, alive …..a misty shroud of oppressive heat and wind. Rolling in like a steam train ~ loud, fast, strong …..a cold steel force unstoppable with no end. Rolling in like a forest fire ~ ablaze with sparks …..a glassy bolt of fear as lightning to earth […]


I watched the sun set once, alone it dropped in silent beauty reaching out to hold the world below embracing the horizon and my soul.   I watched the sun set once, in awe it glowed a flaming orange and red hiding behind a shadowed stand of trees setting them ablaze with passionate light.   […]

Loud as Silence

Funny, how loud silence is… quiet on the surface as a glassy pond smooth, cool and peaceful but look closer, constant motion revealed.   Funny how loud silence is… the sound of it roars in my ears the clock tick heartbeat each breath magnified, echoing coldly.   Funny how loud silence is… that single thought […]

Resigned and Grateful

You can lean against it, pushing and shoving, willing it to change Shouting and demanding that it be as you insist it ought, Arguing or disagreeing in hopes that your way will win out Accusing and judging but to what end, only injury wrought.   You can rail against it, pulling free and running, willing […]


The depth and cadence of this rhythm that circles my heart and soul cannot be escaped or ignored relentless as the bells that toll   The power and strength of this force that pushes my life wearying my limbs cannot be escaped or ignored frightening as it plays out its whims   The height and […]