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Always, Once, No more

                                Always a part of my world, Gentle wordless creatures, of fur or feathers Unconditional and loving, ever present and near Seeking only a little affection or food, and in return, Giving more than human ever could give. Always a […]


Wilting as flower left unwatered at length …folding inward upon itself losing all hope Withering as fruit left long upon the vine …curling swiftly into a death oddly welcome Worthless as shattered vase once treasured …mourning what was and knowing it is lost Wandering as child lost and alone in the storm …weeping silently and […]

Of Rain and Roses

The world is a hazy shade of gray the sky, thick with clouds, threatens the wind increasing as if a warning offering to pour sadness upon the earth and smother the world below in silence. A single drop breaks free its captor it does not want to bring this sadness it has only love for […]