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Tis Naught But Tattered Cloth

Such an over-worn tattered cloth, edges frayed, many miles hard traveled stretched and straining to carry its burdens, keeping safe and protected precious things small rips and yellowed with stains it is weary, yet refuses to be unraveled .   Such an over-used tattered cloth, silent companion, doing its job as expected unfailing and uncomplaining […]

Appreciate Moments

Complaint Feigned objection Woefully busy days Filled with necessary tasks Painfully soon they fade away Lamentation Sleepless night Racing minds query Thoughts loudly waking thinker Shockingly and suddenly comes stillness Imagining Unscheduled day Nothing needing doing Just sitting without movement Sadly those days are approaching Seeker Of silence Place without people Less meeting or discussion […]

Naught without You

And what about you, do you bear a share? Question yourself… What could you do, To be the game changer, to help another. What have you done, To lend to the problem, to make it worse. What was your part, To contribute to sorrow, to add into happiness. What have you given, To ease a […]

Approaching Autumn

What a breeze blown by mysterious force swirling around my flesh with artful touch feeling so soft, yet moving everything ~ playfully. What breeze swirling by another’s choice caresses my cheek as though potters clay molding so gently my hair to my skin ~ seductively What breeze embraces gently as it comes feeling its way […]


The theater, a venue of make believe, farce. …..masked faces pretend loudly, acting. The stage, a wide canvas for display, unreal. …..movements planned for best effect, acting. The lights, placed for attention, misdirection …..making people look away from truth, acting. The actors hard to spot off-stage, pretend …..their masks are cleverly hidden here, acting. The […]

Deepest Forest

Lost in deepest forest …..wandering without direction …..not knowing which turn to take …..each path threatening deception Lost in deepest forest …..light obscured by wooded veil …..the path darkens as evening falls …..shrouding any truth beyond the pall Lost in deepest forest …..hearing each sound with concern …..they are not what they seemed to be […]


The depth and cadence of this rhythm that circles my heart and soul cannot be escaped or ignored relentless as the bells that toll   The power and strength of this force that pushes my life wearying my limbs cannot be escaped or ignored frightening as it plays out its whims   The height and […]