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Forever Acrostic Poem – Happy Valentines Day

Forever F inding another spirit whose hand when placed in your own fits perfectly O nly happens in the lives of the lucky hopeful seekers hoping to find R oaming the world seeking that rumored missing piece of their own heart E arnest in their belief that once found they will be entwined in completeness V irtually every emotion, sense, […]

Walk With Me

Walk with me…we will follow a sunlit path leading towards glowing warmth on a road paved in joy. Walk with me…we will watch birds soar above wrapped in their cheerful songs laced with melodies of love. Walk with me…we will stand together against the rain awed by fingers of lightning and thunder claps of struggle. […]

Do you know what it is…

It is to feel the weight of your soul crushing down upon your heart each time he looks your way. It is to feel the edges of heaven warmed in its glowing peaceful light each time his smile shines upon you It is to reach the peak of your being holding fast to life’s very […]


Never is a long way from here It lies along a twisting trail shrouded in underbrush and thorn obscured by swirling foggy veil unseen it awaits us ready to scorn   Never is closer than first thought It is woven with doubts on fears loom always rising up to meet us part way as though […]

Mother’s Love

A mother’s love is endless —reaching to the depths of her soul —it touches a place known only to her children A mother’s love is boundless —it does not stop as her children test —but stretches to encompass new borders A mother’s love is timeless —dwelling within her children every moment —no matter their age […]