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Appreciate Moments

Complaint Feigned objection Woefully busy days Filled with necessary tasks Painfully soon they fade away Lamentation Sleepless night Racing minds query Thoughts loudly waking thinker Shockingly and suddenly comes stillness Imagining Unscheduled day Nothing needing doing Just sitting without movement Sadly those days are approaching Seeker Of silence Place without people Less meeting or discussion […]


Flying – racing upwards towards infinity endlessly reaching heavenward – hopefully. Flying – stretching wings wide and gliding effortlessly moving farther away – growing. Flying – gaining altitude and swiftness even as they stumble in weakness – testing. Flying – away from us and their childhood looking back briefly to reassure –¬†¬†soaring. Flying – into […]


wings meant for free soaring upwards toward all that awaits wings to lift gently far and away forwards toward things unknown wings to hover circling the familiar remaining briefly before moving on wings protecting from looking back promising better things lay ahead wings given by those who love them willingly with adoration and hope wings […]

Quiet, Lonely, Wistful

Quiet So quiet. The unusual sound of nothing but ticking of time. Hustle and bustle of the day nowhere to be found. So quiet. So quiet. The loudness of a silent phone pulling at the ear. Needs and wants of others passing by unmentioned. So quiet. So quiet. The obvious stare of a half asleep […]