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Tis Naught But Tattered Cloth

Such an over-worn tattered cloth, edges frayed, many miles hard traveled stretched and straining to carry its burdens, keeping safe and protected precious things small rips and yellowed with stains it is weary, yet refuses to be unraveled .   Such an over-used tattered cloth, silent companion, doing its job as expected unfailing and uncomplaining […]

At What Point…

] Wondering at what point it would matter Giving care and love over years, open hearted Meeting your needs, and planning for what is to come. Wondering at what point it would matter Giving time and effort over years, open hearted Helping and providing for you, praying for your success. Wondering at what point it […]


Flying – racing upwards towards infinity endlessly reaching heavenward – hopefully. Flying – stretching wings wide and gliding effortlessly moving farther away – growing. Flying – gaining altitude and swiftness even as they stumble in weakness – testing. Flying – away from us and their childhood looking back briefly to reassure –  soaring. Flying – into […]

Eyes Cloudy

Sitting, leg bent, drink in hand, pensive. watching the clouds drift on breeze silent pondering the path ahead through cloudy eyes that hold back the sadness of too many changes at once. I was something once, someone, worthwhile the who I am wrapped in being a mother, a wife I could see my worth in those […]


wings meant for free soaring upwards toward all that awaits wings to lift gently far and away forwards toward things unknown wings to hover circling the familiar remaining briefly before moving on wings protecting from looking back promising better things lay ahead wings given by those who love them willingly with adoration and hope wings […]


Beautiful, gentle, familiar Their blue eyes gaze up at us So full of hope and trust Reflections of ourselves And of all we have become Those hands, their tapered fingers Holding fast on to our own Full of tenderness, gently strong Reflected in the soft pressure Our own pulses beating steadfast The long feathery blonde […]