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Marriage – A Cinquain Poem for My Spouse

Marriage Lovely Struggle Giving, Trusting, Sharing Self Sacrificed for Another Complete Advertisements

A Haiku on Love

Wrapped in silk and warmth Embracing deeply my spirit Your love fills my heart. Karen Quinn 2014

Appreciate Moments

Complaint Feigned objection Woefully busy days Filled with necessary tasks Painfully soon they fade away Lamentation Sleepless night Racing minds query Thoughts loudly waking thinker Shockingly and suddenly comes stillness Imagining Unscheduled day Nothing needing doing Just sitting without movement Sadly those days are approaching Seeker Of silence Place without people Less meeting or discussion […]

Naught without You

And what about you, do you bear a share? Question yourself… What could you do, To be the game changer, to help another. What have you done, To lend to the problem, to make it worse. What was your part, To contribute to sorrow, to add into happiness. What have you given, To ease a […]

Clear as it can be

It comes clear – as window glass freshly shined to find fault and blame another so quickly not stopping to see the depth of pain defined. It comes clear – as cloudless sky on breath of day to give no benefit of any doubt judging harshly not offering consideration of what she had to say. […]