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My First Book Is Now Published


Let me offer my thanks to all of my followers on this blog, and to wordpress for offering an outlet and proving ground for writers and poets to express and to learn what resonates with others.

As of today my first book of poetry and photography “Gleaming Beneath the Rust and Weeds” is available for purchase.  An independent publishing company offered a wonderful opportunity and as of today, it has come to fruition!  In 5 days the book will also be on Barnes & Noble’s online store and on Amazon’s online store.  In about a week or so it will also be available on Kindle’s store.

I would be most grateful if those who follow me might consider purchasing my poetic and artist endeavor.  You can find it at http://amzn.com/1495462250  It is also available on Kindle! http://amzn.com/B00IVOMQ7M  In another day or two it will be on Barnes and Noble again – i pulled that to fix a type.  But it is fixed now.

What an exciting day for any writer, but for me – it is a life dream realized.  Thank you friends who have commented and asked “are you published” and “I hope that you get this published”  you are one of the biggest reasons I have seen this through.

Book 2 will be out this year as well – by December.  “Shards of Metal and Shimmering Lace” will offer a bit darker darkness and a bit brighter brightness – just to keep it interesting!


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Marriage – A Cinquain Poem for My Spouse



Lovely Struggle

Giving, Trusting, Sharing

Self Sacrificed for Another


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Forever Acrostic Poem – Happy Valentines Day



F inding another spirit whose hand when placed in your own fits perfectly

O nly happens in the lives of the lucky hopeful seekers hoping to find

R oaming the world seeking that rumored missing piece of their own heart

E arnest in their belief that once found they will be entwined in completeness

V irtually every emotion, sense, feeling made somehow better in their union

E ach part of love’s perfectly crafted pair healing and strengthening the other

R eveling in the knowledge that this thing called true love is meant to be forever.

Karen Quinn 2014

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A Haiku on Love


Wrapped in silk and warmth

Embracing deeply my spirit

Your love fills my heart.

Karen Quinn 2014

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Tis Naught But Tattered Cloth


Such an over-worn tattered cloth, edges frayed, many miles hard traveled

stretched and straining to carry its burdens, keeping safe and protected precious things

small rips and yellowed with stains it is weary, yet refuses to be unraveled .


Such an over-used tattered cloth, silent companion, doing its job as expected

unfailing and uncomplaining it works on, carrying others load to and fro dutiful and proud

only the seams giving testimony to its struggle, its will giving way undetected.


Such an over-handled tattered cloth, pattern faded, not so lovely as it had been long ago

left behind in the sunshine it has weathered, feigning vanity it seems not to notice its age

somehow diminished by loss of vibrancy, and in the faded, wrinkled fabric sorrows show.


Such an over-looked tattered cloth, they hunt for it, but only when they are in need of aid

sought and needed when purpose to serve, too easily left on the shelf, unseen and forgotten

knowing its only value lie in what it can do, realizing it will be easily replaced, little fuss to be made.


Such an over-worn tattered cloth, feeling its softness, under kind yet offhand reminiscent caress

so many memories in this vessel, helping and protecting, giving of itself in spite of cost to itself

understanding that as it is with this satchel, it shall be with life, in the end but memories do we possess.

Karen Quinn 2014

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Always, Once, No more

















Always a part of my world,

Gentle wordless creatures, of fur or feathers

Unconditional and loving, ever present and near

Seeking only a little affection or food, and in return,

Giving more than human ever could give.

Always a part of my world,

Kittens and puppies, horses and birds, companions

Filling the empty places hidden away, making me whole

Not judge and jury but warmth and acceptance, a friend

Believing me to be better than I could be.

Always a part of my world,

Animals they say, just pets, yet so much more human

Than so many humans whom I have known, they are pure

Knowing only that you are theirs, and so happy in that belonging

Never turning away, rather pulling always closer.

Always a part of my world,

But in this moment, only in my memory, over quiet

The familiar brush against my thigh has passed away, too still

Hours passing away as though missing piece or opened wound

Have left me diminished, longing for what is lost.

Karen Quinn 2013

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Appreciate Moments



Feigned objection

Woefully busy days

Filled with necessary tasks

Painfully soon they fade away


Sleepless night

Racing minds query

Thoughts loudly waking thinker

Shockingly and suddenly comes stillness


Unscheduled day

Nothing needing doing

Just sitting without movement

Sadly those days are approaching


Of silence

Place without people

Less meeting or discussion

Such shall come surprisingly soon


While recalling

Those hurried times

That should be savored

Once gone they don’t return


Such activities

The noisy mayhem

Would stumble upon me

With age however comes stillness


Endings come

Permanent and final

New doors ever opening

While those closed beg consideration.


To appreciate

Whatever is now

Because once passed away

Memories made are what remains.

Karen Quinn 2014